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    A BMX frame is the heart of the BMX Bike. BMX Frames have changed drastically over the past 25 years, with new designs and concepts that make certain frames perform better for different types of riding. A BMX Frame is almost a fitted item. How tall you are, what type of riding you do and what you want out of the frame all have an impact on what frame is best for you.

    Different frames all have different geometry. The geometry of the bike is what makes it feel different to another. Generally, the taller you are, the longer the frame you'll need. However some riders find for certain types of riding like street for example, a slightly shorter frame is preferred. This is due to the fact that the shorter frame would be more responsive. So by the same token someone looking for a frame for park or dirt would prefer something longer so that its more stable when of the ground.

    Here at FoundationBMX we have nearly 20 years worth of experience with BMX Bikes. So if you can't make your mind up, or want some un-biased advice, send us an email at

    62 products

    62 products