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    BMX Bars come in many different shapes and sizes, they may all look very similar but its subtle little differences that ultimately make them feel very different to each other. BMX Handlerbars have 4 main attributes, the first is [Rise]. The Rise on a pair of BMX bars is how tall they are from top to bottom, this Is measured in inches. In resent years taller bars are becoming more popular, 8 Inch rise was always a industry standard and used to be predominantly more popular. However current fashions and styles have brought a greater variety of rise, most between 8.5 and 10 inches. Its a personal thing, some prefer taller some lower but your height and whats comfortable should normally make your decision easier.

    The next attribute is the [Width]. Again a lot of this comes down to personal preference, but the average bar width is about 28 Inches. Slightly narrower bars can sometimes help with certain tricks for example barspin's, however riders who like to go big on quarters, trails and boxes may prefer a wider bar that offers a greater stability in the air. Bars in more resent times are available in 29 and 30 inches wide, however your size should again help you choose whats best for you.

    The last 2 attributes are [Backsweep] and [Upsweep]. Backsweep which is given in degrees is the angle at which the bars sweep back towards you. 11º or 12º is around the average here. Often when riding new bars for the first time this is what makes them feel strange, a different angle for you hands to hold on at. Finally upsweep is the angle that the bars bend upward at the ends. A greater upsweep can give the perception of a taller bar because of where you hold your handlebars. Most bars have an upsweep of only 1º however others can have an upsweep of 3 or 4 degrees giving this feeling of a higher rise.

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    53 products