BMX Stems


    The Stem on a BMX bike is the part of the bike that joins the forks and the handlebars together. BMX stems come in many different shapes and sizes however there are some key differences between one stem to the next that makes them different.

    Firstly there are 2 types of BMX stem, Front Loading Stems are where the bars mount to the front of the stem, these were the traditional BMX stem. There are also Top Loading Stems, these are where the bars mount on the top of the stem making the bars slightly higher.

    Finally Stems are also available in different Reach and Rise, these are usually measured in millimetres. The average stem reach is 50mm approximately, this is the distance from steerer tube on the forks to the handlebars. The Rise of your stem is how high your stem holds the bars above what is classed as the centre of the stem body. What size reach and rise you want is entirely up to you, different combinations will result in a slightly different feel to your front end of your bike.

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    35 products