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    BMX Tyres come in a range of sizes and colours. We sell all the best BMX tyres from all the best brands in all the latest colours and sizes. A full size 20 inch BMX bike naturally takes 20" BMX tyres. We do sell Tyres for different Wheel Sizes, however all of these tyres will have their specific wheel size in the title to try and make it apparent. If it doesn't state a wheel size in the title then its a 20" as a general rule.

    We sell BMX Tyres in a range of Widths. Anything from 1.95" all the way up to 2.50" in width. Some riders prefer wider tyres where as others prefer narrower. It mainly depends on what terrain your going to be riding. Some BMX tyres are available in more than one width so hopefully we'll have something to suit everybody.

    Here at FoundationBMX we have nearly 20 years worth of experience with BMX Bikes. So if you can't make your mind up, or want some un-biased advice, send us an email at



    33 products

    33 products