BMX Pedals


    The pedals on your BMX bike are a very important feature, this is after all where your feet stand on the bike. There are two main types of BMX pedals and depending which type you go for which is usually down to personal preference can have pro's and cons.

    The first type of BMX pedals is Plastic, these are definitely the most popular by quite some margin. They are cheap to buy, have a reasonable life span based on their minimal cost and can offer reasonable grip. Not to mention the obvious fact they are lightweight!

    The second type of BMX pedals is Metal, I use the broad term because within metal pedals you can get Aluminium and Magnesium. Both have they're own unique benefits, but obviously metal have a very long life span in comparison to plastic. This comes at a cost however, most would argue metal have a much better grip too. However just because the pedals are Metal doesn't mean they're heavy, some of the more recent metal pedals are super light weight. Metal pedals are usually available in Sealed and Un-sealed Bearings. Meaning there is an option for better bearings as well as a more durable pedal.

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    29 products

    29 products