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    This is the part of the bike that drive's your BMX bike. A Sprocket is the front cog your chain goes around that's attached to your Cranks. They are sometimes called Chainrings which is another term for exactly the same thing. There are a few variable's in BMX Sprockets mainly to do with how many teeth they have, which we'll run through with you now.

    When looking at Sprockets the first thing you want to know is what size your after, this basically means how many teeth are on the Sprocket. Many different sizes of Sprocket exist so its important you know which one to get. Predominantly most popular is 25 Tooth, to maintain a traditional gearing this would mean running a 9 tooth rear cassette or driver. Then there's 28 Tooth this would require a 10 tooth rear cassette or driver to maintain a traditional gear ratio. And Finally 30 Tooth, this would require an 11 tooth rear cassette or driver. These are only guidelines, as some riders currently prefer a slightly harder gearing than traditional, however when considering which size to go for try and stay in and around there parameters to make sure you get something useable.

    As Always if you require any assistance or just want some good advice, give us a shout and we'll try our best sort you out.

    36 products

    36 products