BMX Hub Guards


    If you run pegs on your BMX bike, Hub Guards are a must for you! Why go and spend all that money on them custom wheels if your not gonna protect them? Hub Guards are a cost effective way to look after your hubs and stop them getting battered and bruised from grinds on ledges and rails.

    Some Hub Guards are Hub Specific, which basically means you need a specific type of fitment of a particular manufacturers hub guard to fit your BMX hub. Most manufacturers at an aftermarket level provide specific hub guards for specific hubs. These give the best fit and protection for your hub. However if you have a Stock/Standard BMX hub on your bike, you may want to go for a Universal fit Hub Guard. These as the name suggests are a universal fit for most hubs, in some instances these are a really good option however be aware in some instances universal fit Hub Guards may mean you will need to dish your wheel so that your wheel runs in the centre of your chain stays.

    The only other variant in most hub guards is material. Some Hub Guards are made from Aluminium, whether it be 6061 or 7075. Others are Plastic and may consist of a metal cone that the plastic hub guard rest's against. And some are even made from Chromoly Steel. All of these have there Pro's and Con's but overall all will offer a great protection for you Hubs!

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    40 products

    40 products