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    The BMX seat has evolved a lot over the years, various trends and styles have come and gone. But variety is something we still offer when it comes to seats. Choosing a seat for your bike needs to revolve mainly over what type of seat/post your currently running. The most popular type of BMX Seat is still the Pivotal Seat. Patented by Macneil in the early 2000's, this style seating system remains the most popular even today. Following on from that the Tripod seating system from Spanish brand Fly Bikes has taken off massively in recent years, offering what they say is a stronger/lighter seating system. The traditional Railed Seat has made a come back recently too, with iconic brands like S&M, FIT and newer boys Relic giving it the re up. Finally also are available are Seat/Post Combo's. Predominantly found on complete bikes, some manufacturers are selling them aftermarket these days as a more cost effective answer to replacing your seat. As the name suggests this style system is a seat and post combined together to save cost and weight.

    As mentioned before its always important to consider what type of seat system your currently using when considering a new seat. Otherwise the purchase of a compatible Seat Post will be required, obviously adding to the cost. So choose what you think you need compatibility wise or switch it up completely and try something new.

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    26 products

    26 products