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    In this collection you'll find a variety of different front and rear wheels for your BMX Bike. These wheels can be split into two categories. Pre Built and Custom Wheels. Pre Built wheels are delivered to us already made. They are convenient as they are ready to go and often made up of popular combinations of Hub/Rim. Custom Wheels are ones we have built up here at FoundationBMX and offer the same ready to go solution. However these wheels are often built using more exotic wheel items from companies that may not always offer both Hub and Rim solutions within their catalogue. If you know exactly what wheels you'd like to build we can do this for you also. Just get in touch at the email address below and we'll do our best get them too you for the best price and as quickly as possible.

    Whether the wheel you want is Pre Built or Custom, you'll need to order the right Axle Size for your bike. Most BMX bikes feature a 3/8th (10mm) front axle wheel and a 14mm rear axle wheel however this isn't always the case. If your in doubt you can always measure the side of your existing axle/dropout with a ruler.

    Rear Wheels are available in both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive. If you Know which one you need then great, if you don't simply stand above your bike as if you were riding it and look down. If your drivetrain is on your right then its RHD you need. If its on the Left then its LHD. Finally we sell a variety of Cassette Wheels as well as Freecoaster Wheels. So if its a rear wheel you after make sure you get one that suits your needs.

    As Always if you require any assistance or just want some good advice, send us an email at

    29 products

    29 products